Extension Just in Time

While surfing around in the other Logistics-Blogs I found a really interesting topic. Johannes wrote in his Blog (http://johanneswoe.wordpress.com) a post about Just in Time (JIT) production. After reading I had decided to extend his topic with quite similar production method.

Just in Sequence (JIS).

Just in Sequence is based on Just in Time. This means the definition of JIT is also a part of the definition of JIS. The definition of JIT is:

Just in time is the provision of the market with the needed goods, at the time when they are needed, in the appropriate quantity (Johannes Blog). To explain JIS it’s necessary to extend the definition with one point, the sequence. The goods which are provided arrive at the right time, in the right quality and in the further needed sequence.

An example is the provision from parts in the automobile industry. When doors are delivered they already got the color of the car. Is the production of cars yellow, blue, red. You need the doors in this sequence. So it’s necessary to put the doors in this sequence in the transportation box.

Examples JIT implementation:



Further Literature:

G. Trained: Material and logistics management, Oldenbourg publishing house, Munich, Vienna, 1996.

S. M. Wagner; V. Silveira-Camargos: Decision model for the application of just-in-sequence, in: Decision Sciences Institute Proceedings of the 40th annual conference, New Orleans, 2005.


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