Fleet Management


Fleet management is the management of a fleet of vehicles, using certain tools, to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. For the management of a fleet are a lot of technologies such as computer software, communications systems, and vehicle location technologies required. This leads to a more effective planning, scheduling and operations of transit vehicle fleets


Fleet management consists of some elements. They are not defined because new technologies could expand these.

– Planning of the route: The planning is a necessary task for the management. They have to adjust the route of the different vehicles of a fleet in a way that as less as possible resources are consumed.

– Maintenance: In this part the management has to schedule checks to ensure the health for each vehicle.

– Tracking of the Vehicles: With GPS tracking software it’s possible to know the position of every vehicle. This can be useful if a quick change of routes is required. It’s also a tool for checking the efficiency of the drivers.

– Controlling: This point concerns the financial part of this topic. Controlling has the function to measure and improve the cost effectiveness of the fleet.

The Advantages and Disadvantages are former written by Alkis in his blog (http://ilogistics.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/fleet-management/).


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