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Third party logistics

May 26, 2010


Third Party Logistics (3PL) is the function by which the owner of goods (The Client Company) outsources various elements of the supply chain to one 3 PL company that can perform the management function of the clients inbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution, and outbound freight to the clients customers.

These type of managing is rinsing and risin. In the following blog post from Martin Murray shows how strong it’s rising.
He also talka about how to find the fitting third party logistics company but I think that’s not so interesting.

Rise Of Third Party Logistics Providers

The growth of 3PL companies began back in the 1980’s when businesses began to look for new ways in which they could outsource logistics functions and concentrate on their core business. One company that has been associated with the 3PL revolution is FedEx. The company’s overnight delivery service changed the way in which business to business and business to customer transactions operated. This offered businesses the opportunity of using just-in-time techniques, which saved warehousing space and reduced overall costs. The introduction of efficient-consumer-response (ECR) techniques led to smaller and more efficient shipment sizes, which in turn further reduced costs.

As companies saw the benefits of outsourcing delivery and warehousing functions, the number of third party logistics companies began to rise offering an ever increasing number of services. The increasing numbers of 3PL’s inevitably led to increased competition between these firms, which led to greater savings for the companies who employed them. The last decade has seen the 3PL provider transitioning from a local or regional business to one that offers national or global coverage. In US, the 3PL market has been growing at a compound annual rate of 14.2 percent since 1996 and in 2006; 3PL’s in the United States reported $89.4 billion in gross revenue.

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